Investment Management

InvestmentHaving a well-defined investment strategy is important now and into the future. It serves as a road map to temper decisions that might otherwise be based on intuition or emotion. Investment planning includes establishing your goals, developing defined strategies to achieve those goals, implementing these strategies and monitoring your progress in attaining those goals.

Set goals

The goal setting process begins with an initial meeting during which we will gather financial and non-financial data. The first step in developing an investment strategy is to understand your unique goals and objectives.

Develop strategy

After thorough analysis and planning, we will help you develop a long-range investment strategy designed to achieve your goals and objectives. The output of the goal-setting and planning process will be a written investment plan. This document will formalize — in writing — your financial and non-financial goals, investment time horizon and tolerance for risk.

Follow up

Your relationship with Kraft Asset Management, LLC is an ongoing process that continuously monitors your progress toward achieving your stated goals and objectives. You will be encouraged to meet with us on a regular basis to review your investment strategy plan and investment performance. As your life and circumstances change, it is essential that you continually review where you are financially and what new steps need to be taken. We will assist you throughout this process.