How We Are Different

At Kraft Asset Management, LLC (KAM), our principles and approach stand in sharp contrast to many in the financial services industry who prefer to play a biased and costly Wall Street game, often putting their own interests ahead of their clients’ financial well being.

Every decision we make — and the only advice we give — is based solely on how it serves our clients’ near- and long-term interests. At KAM, “putting our clients first” is not a catchy tagline. It’s how we operate. It’s our reason for being.

Perhaps the most reassuring factor is that we advise our clients as we advise ourselves: investing in ways that enable broad diversity, low costs and appropriate levels of risk.

Years of peer-reviewed research demonstrate this to be the most effective way to capture the best returns the markets provide. Our unique approach — what we call the “science of investing” — is one that prizes evidence over emotion.  It is based on decades of academic research rather than the empty — and often wildly fluctuating — opinions that dominate the financial news cycles.

We take a holistic, all-encompassing approach to wealth management, and managing investments represents only part of the picture. With wide-ranging experience and expertise in a variety of other financial areas, our clients appreciate how we are able to serve as the “quarterback” of their broader financial team.

Ultimately what sets us apart is what brings us together: a passion for evidence, a devotion to transparency and the promise to put our clients’ interests first in everything we do.

We are Kraft Asset Management.