Our Network

BAM Advisors Services

Kraft Asset Management, LLC (KAM) contracts with BAM Advisor Services, LLC (BAM) of St. Louis, Missouri to provide support services. BAM works with approximately 125 accounting firms nationwide, providing research, back office and marketing support to its alliance members. In addition, BAM provides access to no-load, institutional, structured asset class mutual funds as well as access to bond markets with generally lower, competitive broker/dealer costs. The BAM relationship helps us hold down business operating expenses, thereby enhancing net returns for our clients, and allows us to provide clients with what we believe to be superior products and services.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Founded in 1981, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is a mutual fund company headquartered in Austin, Texas. While its highly tax-efficient, structured portfolio funds are generally available only to institutional investors; DFA also makes its funds available to carefully screened registered investment advisors. With over $230 billion in assets, DFA’s structured investment management approach is grounded in academic research and the efficiency of capital markets. DFA seeks to minimize transaction costs and enhance returns through innovative trading and engineering. The firm’s clients include corporations such as Boeing Corporation, Merck, PepsiCo, Inc. and Verizon Communications, Inc. DFA’s institutional funds are available to KAM clients.


KraftCPAs PLLC formed KAM as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2002 in response to client demand for investment advisory services. The largest independently owned CPA firm headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, KraftCPAs has been a pioneer in the field of personal financial planning since the early 1980s. The firm’s large tax consulting department includes personal financial specialists as well as CFPs® certificants, CPAs and JDs. Through KraftCPAs, clients have access to comprehensive personal financial planning services, including estate and gift tax planning, retirement planning, benefits consulting, risk management, and a myriad of other consulting services to help clients achieve their personal financial goals.

Kraft Financial Services, LLC

Kraft Financial Services, LLC (KFS) was formed to help our clients manage risk and achieve financial security through life insurance products providing guaranteed death benefits as well as disability and long-term care insurance. We work with only financially sound insurance companies (insurance companies that are rated highly by rating services, e.g., A. M. Best). KFS recommendations are independent of any particular insurance company product. Our services are designed to complement your investment portfolio.